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If you drive a Jeep Cherokee, you may have noticed the Service Shifter Light ON. While this light can be alarming, it usually indicates that your Jeep requires some attention. In this article, I will discuss what this light means and how to fix it. So, if you have been wondering why your Service Shifter Light ON is on, keep reading to find out more!

The Jeep Cherokee service shifter light ‘ON’ usually means the vehicle is overdue for a maintenance checkup. In addition, a general checkup would tell what type of service the Jeep needs to undergo. A faulty shifter bezel, faulty fuse, or damaged shifter wiring could be the root cause.

This article would elaborate on the necessary details and information you should be aware of in case of turning on the service shifter light of the Jeep Cherokee.

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Meaning of Service Shifter Light:

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The service shifter light means that there might be atrouble with your Cherokee service shifter and the vehicle needs to be taken for the maintenance or inspection by an experienced mechanic.

I have created the infographic below that explains why the Jeep Cherokee service shifter light is ON. (You are welcome to use and share, but please credit back if you do so.)

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There are a few reasons why the light comes on. Those few reasons are discussed below:

Reasons Behind the Service Shifter Light ON:

1. Faulty Shifter Bezel:

If your Jeep's shifter light has come on, it's likely due to a poor shifter bezel. The shifter bezel is the plastic piece that surrounds the shifter knob, and over time, it can become warped, cracked, or even torn. 

When this happens, it can cause the shifter light to come on, as the light will be unable to properly “communicate” with the shifter.

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2. The Shifter Itself:

The service shifter light might indicate that the shifter of the vehicle needs replacement. This warning is not always 100% accurate and it is said that the light might come on after every few intervals.

So the user should not be alarmed and should calmly take the vehicle to the nearest workshop or dealership to get it inspected and replaced (if needed).

3. A Faulty Fuse Box:

Another reason why the service shifter light might come on is that the fuses or the fuse box of the vehicle would get faulty.

One or more fuses might get blown, resulting in turning on the light of the service shifter.

4. Malfunctioning of Light:

The most common reason for the light to come on, which has been observed, is the malfunction of the light itself instead of any malfunction in the vehicle.

If the light is not working correctly, it might turn on or off for no reason and can go away by fixing the switch.

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Steps to Diagnose the Service Shifter Light?

If the user brings the vehicle to a proper mechanic or dealership to get the vehicle inspected when the service shifter light comes on, they will do the following steps:





Make a computer check

A computer check would be done by attaching an external computer with the vehicle to look for any faults or malfunctioning


Replacing the wiring

If the computer check comes out clean, the problem might lie between the wiring, and the wiring might need to be replaced.


Replacing the shifter

If the above mentioned methods do not work, then the mechanic might ask for replacing the shifter, it is often done when the vehicle is under warranty

How to Fix the Service Shifter Light?

With the information discussed above, now you would be aware of why the service shifter light of the vehicle came on.

Now, the next step the person has to take is that they should look for methods to get the problem fixed.

1. Fixing the Faulty Shifter Bezel:

If your shifter bezel gets faulty, you can replace it with a new one.

The shiter bezels come in 2 colors:

  • The part number for the silver one is 5YD27XSAAA
  • The part number for the copper one is 5YD27LS5AA

Follow the video instruction below to replace the shifter bezel:

2. Problem With the Software:

If the problem is with the software or a technical issue, it would require a professional to deal with it. However, if the problem is temporary, it might go away by simply turning off the car’s engine and then turning it on again.

3. Replacing the Faulty Fuse in Vehicle:

If the above fix does not work, the next way to make the service shifter light go away is by replacing the faulty fuse of the car. This can only be done by the dealership or a team of trained professional mechanics.

4. Restarting the Engine:

If your Jeep Cherokee has an issue that the service shifter light is on and you want to turn it off, you can restart your engine to clear the service shifter message. It is better to restart the engine when you switch from automatic to manual transmission shift to switch off the service shifter light.

It helps the vehicle to perform better in steep and rocky terrains. Fortunately, it is often seen that the service shifter light switches off after restarting the engine. If no result is still produced, you can try out other measures below for deactivating the light.

5. Unplugging the Battery:

The service shifter light often disappears when the jeep’s battery is disconnected. You can unplug the battery’s positive and negative terminals and wait 30 minutes to check whether the service shifter light is turned off.

When batteries are unplugged, the vehicle’s operating voltage (normally 12V) is reduced, and other warning lights like vehicle display light, 4WD drive light, and service air suspicion lights turn on.

The vehicle’s low voltage makes the ECU work in a malfunctioning way, which triggers the flashing warning light. You can use a diagnostic code reader to erase these warning lights.

6. Changing the Oil of the Jeep Cherokee:

Oil replacement is an essential step in keeping the vehicle on its track. Lower engine oil can make the car’s parts overheat due to a lack of lubrication in the engine parts.

The automatic transmission system in your Cherokee can utilize the cooling section, but it results in triggering the service shifter light. If you want to make the service shifter light go off, you can restore the regular operation of your vehicle and can change the oil.

7. Replacing the Wiring of Bad Shifter:

If there is a fault in the wiring of the service shifter, it can cause various problems for the vehicle, including the service shifter light ‘ON’ mode. In addition, the lousy wiring of the service shifter badly affects the fuel economy and the vehicle’s performance.

There are a few signs which indicate bad cable shifting in the vehicle. These symptoms are:

  • Improper shifting of gear light
  • Wrong shifting of gear
  • Stuck service shifter
  • Difficulties in down-shifting
  • Trouble touching the gear
  • No movement of gears with moving the shifter

The cables with bad shifters are fixed in their place. The movement of the service shifter renders the sleeve moves in the vehicle, which allows for adjustment of the control arm of gear and permits the changing of gears. Poor shifting of cables is the major cause of uncommon shifting of gears.

In such a situation, you can follow these steps:

  • STEP 1: Eliminate the shifter assembly of your vehicle.
  • STEP 2: Unplugging the cables from the car. The new bezel shifter assembly has one cable fixed inside the module, while the other is fixed deep inside the control arm of the engine.
  • STEP 3: Plug in the new cable in your vehicle. You should disconnect all the cables connected to the vehicle’s shifter and engine control arm before plugging in the new cable. It is also recommended to check the operating mode of the shifter and its hardness.
  • STEP 4: Turn off the light after replacing the trim bezel shifter assembly.

Fixing the Service Shifter Light at Home:

It is not recommended to fix the issue of the service shifter light at home. Instead, it is advisable to seek help from a trained mechanic when you need to repair the service shifter light of your Jeep Cherokee.

You cannot permanently fix the issue of the service light at home as there are various components and parts of the vehicle that are imported.

The repairing and replacing of the service shifter light is complex and requires multiple attempts to fix it.

You can take your jeep to a car dealer who is an expert in dealing with such issues. However, it is better to use the warranty to repair the problems associated with your jeep if you have a warranty.

It requires time to solve the actual issue behind this reason. Therefore, there is a need for an OBD2 scanner that can read the diagnostic trouble codes and can make some necessary adjustments in the vehicle.

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Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Light ON Meaning- How to Fix (5)

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You can replace the shifter in your vehicle and other damaged components after spotting the root cause of the light error. However, it is recommended to seek help from a mechanic if you still face the issue of the shifter light.

Can the Jeep Cherokee be Driven with the Service Shifter Light ON?

It is an often-asked question if the service shifter light has appeared while driving on the highway: Is it safe to continue the journey, or should the driver park the vehicle and get it towed to the nearby workshop?

The answer to the question is quite simple. The service shifter light may come due to a blown-out fuse or damaged wiring, or the vehicle’s computer might need a software update.

In this situation, if the service shifter light comes on during a journey, it is not an emergency in which the vehicle should be pulled over. However, it is recommended that it be fixed as soon as possible and completed on time.

Cost of Replacing a Jeep Cherokee Shifter:

On average, the cost of replacing the shifter of a Jeep Cherokee's shifter varies between $400-$1000, which includes all the wages of the mechanics, technicians, parts, and similar stuff.

Most people think it is safe to drive the Jeep Cherokee when the service shifter light is on. In most conditions, it is safe to drive when the service shifter light is on, but some problems create a hindrance.

These problems include the need for a software update. If there is a software glitch, then it is not safe to drive the vehicle. Getting your car at a mechanic or repair shop is advisable to fix the issues. It is better to avoid traveling until the repair process completes.

Is the Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter Covered Under Warranty?

When it comes to the Service Shifter on a Jeep Cherokee, there are occasions when dealerships and mechanics do not consider that the repairs are covered under any warranty. As a result, you may have to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket.

It is still worth visiting your dealership to have the problem checked out and diagnosed. The mechanics can help identify the necessary repairs and replacements and determine if any warranties, such as the Powertrain warranty offering 5-year or 100,000-mile coverage depending on the Jeep’s model year, apply.

Final Thought:

The warning light of your Jeep Cherokee Service Shifter may appear without any cause, but if it is a 2014-2015 model, you should not drive and take it to the closest dealership for possible replacements. All other models can be safely driven there for diagnosis and repair.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to determine if the shifter of the Jeep Cherokee is faulty?

If the shift selector cable is going bad, the indicator light or cable will not match your gear. For example, when you move from park to drive, it may say you are in the park. This means the cable has stretched to where it doesn’t move to the correct spot, and the incorrect gear is noted.

As the shift selector cable stretches, you may be unable to remove the key from the ignition to turn the vehicle off. This is due to the key not being able to be turned unless the car is in the park on some vehicles.

If your vehicle starts in any other gear besides park or neutral, there is a problem. For example, it could be with the shift interlock solenoid or the shift selector cable.

How much does changing a shifter cable of the Jeep Cherokee cost?

The average price of replacing a Jeep Cherokee’s shifter cable is between $300 and $400, which includes all the wages of the mechanics, technicians, and other staff.

Can you drive a Jeep Cherokee with a faulty shifter?

No, the Jeep Cherokee cannot be driven with a faulty shifter cable because when the cable is defective, the car won’t be able to shift the gear and would keep moving in the same gear throughout, which would eventually harm the engine.

Is the shifter part of the transmission of the Jeep Cherokee?

The shifter is also known as the transmission lever and is attached directly to the vehicle’s transmission.

Which thing causes the issue of service shifter in a vehicle?

The problem of the service shifter arises due to low transmission fluid or its poor condition. Cars that operate on low transmission or worn-out fluids are likely to experience this issue.

If there is not enough lubrication in the transmission, it can also result in hard shifting problems.

Can a clogged transmission filter likely create problems with shifting in the jeep?

When the clogged filter hinders transmission fluid, it results in a lower lubrication level in the vehicle.

This creates problems in the proper functioning of the vehicle leading to shifting issues, issues grinding gears and transmission.

Are there issues with the transmission of the Jeep Cherokee?

The transmission issues are common with the Jeep Cherokee, especially in 2014 and 2015. These problems include the issue of rough shifts and transmission failure without any kind of warning.

Does the problem of bad shifting in vehicle cause hindrance for transmission?

The issue of bad shifting can hurt the gearbox of the vehicle. The grinding gears are a high risk for the car until or unless the vehicle is exotic.

What are the signs which indicate the issue of bad transmission?

The signs which indicate the issue of bad transmission are:

  • Knocking sound during acceleration
  • Burning smell during driving
  • Erratic gear shifting of the vehicle

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