1993 Jeep Cherokee XJ Service Manual (2023)

1993 Jeep Cherokee XJ Service Manual (1)

NOTE: Groups with the suffix “-S” are supplements to the original service manual publication. GROUP TAB LOCATOR PAGE IN Introduction 0 Lubrication and Maintenance 2 Front Suspension and Axle 3 Rear Suspension and Axles 5 Brakes 6 Clutch 7 Cooling System 8 Electrical 9 Engines 11 Exhaust System and Intake Manifold 13 Frame and Bumpers 14 Fuel System 16 Propeller Shafts 19 Steering 21 Transmissions and Transfer Cases 22 Wheels and Tires 23 Body Components 24 Heating and Air Conditioning 24-S Air Conditioning 25 Emission Control Systems Index Index Supplement Service Manual Comment Forms (Rear of Manual)

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FOREWORD The information contained in this service manual has been prepared for the professional automotive technician involved in daily repair operations. This manual does not cover theory of operation, which is addressed in service training material. Information describing the operation and use of standard and op- tional equipment is included in the Owner’s Manual provided with the vehicle. This manual is designed as a supplement to be used along with the 1994 Jeep Cherokee/Wrangler Service Manual, 81-370-4146. It includes information related to 1994 vehicles built after December, 1993. It should be used in conjunction with the initial man- ual for complete vehicle coverage. This contains general information, diagnosis, and testing procedures for the new R134a refrigerant sys- tem. The Component and System Index of th is man- ual identifies the correct page for the component or system to be serviced. In addition, a Service Manual Comment form is included at the rear of this manual. Use the form to provide Chrysler Corporation with your comments and suggestions. Chrysler Corporation reserves the right to change testing procedures, specifications, diagnosis, repair methods, or vehicle wiring at any time without prior notice or incurring obligation. HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING 1 INDEX 1 Service Manual Comment Forms (Rear of Manual) NOTE: The acronyms, terminology and nomenclature used to identify emissions related components in this manual may have changed from prior publications. These new terms are in compliance with S.A.E. recommended practice J1930.

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INTRODUCTION CONTENTS page page DESIGNATIONS, LABELS/PLATES, CODES AND DIMENSIONS ..................... 1 SPECIFICATIONS ........................ 8 DESIGNATIONS, LABELS/PLATES, CODES AND DIMENSIONS INDEX page page Engine and Transmission/Transfer Case Identification .3 International Vehicle Control and Display Symbols .3 Major Component Identification ............... 3 Tire Inflation Pressure Label ................. 3 Vehicle Code Plate ........................ 2 Vehicle Designations ....................... 1 Vehicle Dimension Data .................... 3 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Plate ....... 1 Vehicle Load Data ........................ 3 Vehicle Safety Certification Label ............. 1 VEHICLE DESIGNATIONS The Vehicle Designation Codes chart lists the vehi- cle description(s) and the corresponding vehicle des- ignation code for each type of Jeept vehicle (Figs. 1, 2, and 3 ). The vehicle designation codes are different from the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or body-type/style codes. VEHICLE SAFETY CERTIFICATION LABEL A vehicle safety certification label (Fig. 4) is at- tached to each Jeept vehiclee. The label also lists the: gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and the gross front and rear axle weight ratings (GAWR’s) based on a minimum tire rim size and a maximum cold tire inflation pressure; month and year of vehicle manufacture; vehicle identification number (VIN); type of vehicle and month, day and hour (MDH) of final assembly. The label is located on the driver’s side door edge. VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN) PLATE The vehicle identification number (VIN) plate is at- tached to the top left side of the instrument panel at the base of the windshield. Each VIN contains 17 al- pha-numerical characters. Refer to the decoding chart to determine the actual identification of a Jeept vehicle. VEHICLE DESIGNATION CODES Fig. 1 YJ—Wrangler Multi-Purpose Vehicle (With Hard Top) J INTRODUCTION 1

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VEHICLE CODE PLATE A metal vehicle code plate is attached to the left (driver) side of the dash panel in the engine compart- ment (Fig. 5). There can be a maximum of seven rows of vehicle information imprinted on the plate. The in- formation should be read from left to right, starting with line 1 at the bottom of the plate up through line 7 (as applicable) at the top of the code plate. Refer to the decoding chart to decode lines 1 up through 3. Lines 4 through 7 (if used) on the vehicle code plate are imprinted on the plate (in sequence) accord- ing to the following: 3-character sales code, 3-digit numerical code, and 6-digit SEC code. Fig. 2 XJ—Cherokee 2-Door Multi-Purpose Vehicle Fig. 3 XJ—Cherokee 4-Door Multi-Purpose Vehicle Fig. 4 Vehicle Safety Certification Label VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (VIN) DECODING 2 INTRODUCTION J

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If there is not enough space left in the row for all of the 6-digit SEC code (if used): the unused space will remain blank, and the code will be listed in the next row. The last nine positions of row 7 will contain a 2-digit code, when applicable, and a 6-digit gateline serial number (same as the last 6 numbers of the VIN). The last code imprinted on a vehicle code plate will be followed by the imprinted word END. When two vehicle code plates are required, the last available spaces on the first plate will be imprinted with the letters CTD (for continued). When a second vehicle code plate is necessary, the first four spaces on each row will not be used because of the plate overlap. ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION/TRANSFER CASE IDENTIFICATION When required, refer to Group 9—Engines for all engine identification data. Refer to Group 21—Trans- missions for all transmission/transfer case identifica- tion data. MAJOR COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION When required, refer to the applicable service infor- mation group for major component identification data. TIRE INFLATION PRESSURE LABEL The tire inflation pressures label is located on the glove box door inside panel (Fig. 6). The tires should also be inspected for visible wear. Also, inspect the tires for cracks, bulges and other road hazard dam- age. Refer to Group 22—Tires And Wheels. VEHICLE DIMENSION DATA The vehicle dimension data charts list the exterior and interior dimensions for each type of Jeept vehicle. VEHICLE LOAD DATA The Vehicle Load Data chart lists the following in- formation: the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), the gross axle weight ratings (GAWR), the cargo weight, and the passenger weight for each Jeept type/body style. INTERNATIONAL VEHICLE CONTROL AND DISPLAY SYMBOLS Most of the graphic symbols illustrated in the fol- lowing chart are used to identify various instrument controls and displays. Fig. 5 Vehicle Code Plate VEHICLE CODE DECODING Fig. 6 Tire Inflation Pressures Label—Typical J INTRODUCTION 3

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SPECIFICATIONS SPECIFICATION NOTATIONS All torque specifications listed in this service man- ual are in both metric system and SAE/English sys- tem. WARNING: THE USE OF INCORRECT ATTACHING HARDWARE CAN RESULT IN COMPONENT DAM- AGE AND/OR PERSONAL INJURY. During all procedures, it is important to retain the original attaching hardware. If the hardware is not reusable, replace new hardware with equivalent specifications. METRIC SYSTEM NOTATION The following conversion chart will assist in con- verting SAE/English units to equivalent metric units. TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS TORQUE CHARTS If applicable, torque chart(s) for screws, bolts and nuts is/are provided at the end of each service infor- mation group. Refer to the Standard Torque Specifi- cations chart and the bolt grade/class identification illustrations (Figs. 7 and 8). It is important to be aware that the torque values listed in the chart are based on clean and dry bolt threads. Reduce the applicable listed torque value by 10 percent when the bolt threads are lubricated with engine oil and by 20 percent if new, plated bolts are being tightened. Various sizes of (Torx) head fasteners are used as attaching hardware for numerous compo- nents in Jeept vehicles. BOLT THREAD AND GRADE/CLASS IDENTIFICATION THREAD IDENTIFICATION SAE and metric bolt/nut threads are different. The difference is described in the Thread Notation chart. GRADE/CLASS IDENTIFICATION The SAE bolt strength grades range from grade 2 to grade 8. The higher the grade number, the greater the bolt strength. The grade identification is deter- mined by the line marks on the top of each bolt head (Fig. 7). The actual bolt strength grade corresponds to the number of line marks plus 2. For example: a grade 2 bolt has no line marks on top of the bolt head; a grade 5 bolt has 3 line marks on top of the bolt head; a grade 7 bolt has 5 line marks on top of the bolt head; and a grade 8 bolt has 6 line marks on top of the bolt head. The most commonly used metric bolt strength classes are 9.8 and 12.9. The metric strength class identification number is imprinted on the head of the bolt (Fig. 8). The higher the class number, the greater the bolt strength. Some metric-dimension nuts are also imprinted with a single-digit strength class identification number on the nut face. CONVERSION FORMULAS AND EQUIVALENT VALUES 8 INTRODUCTION J

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